Star Trek - Penumbra

"Shakedown Cruise"

Season 1 Episode 1

The U.S.S. Yasuni, One of starfleet’s Venerable Oberth class Science vessels under the command of Captain Marion Nolerad was being Decomissioned and her command transferred to one of starfleet’s cutting edge Nova Class Vessels the U.S.S. Aurora.

As part of this Transfer there have been some reassignments of the Yasuni’s Crew, and some new crew Transferred to the Aurora.

Lt. Armando De Guerrero, Lt. Timothy Hardaway all traveled to starbase 67 together on a shuttlecraft. Upon arrival Armando made friends with one of the Aurora’s security officers Ensign Patrice O’Shaughnesey and the group was escorted to a party at the station’s bar “The Russian Invention” where the old and new crew were celebrating the next chapter in their careers. Captain Lahr Discussing his new Command the U.S.S. Saber, Ensign Timothy Vanderbilt and Lt. Tylihr Shran perpetuating their Frenemies relationship, while the rest of the crew old and new fraternized.

The next morning, The station Commander Commodore Dorlen Completed the transfer of command placing Captain Nolerad and the ship embarked on it’s Shakedown cruise.

The first stop for the shakedown cruise was the Starfleet test range just outside the starbase. While testing the phasers at various power settings, they locked into an overlcok cycle, when fired at lower power settings. Eventually the crew were able to power down the phasers prior to them overheating by bringing them back up to full power, a problem for Engineering to work out.

Next up the Aurora was going to give her Warp Engines a spin, delivering some supplies to a Federation Science outpost in the Kerelos System. As the ship accelerated to warp 4, the plasma injectors locked accelerating the ship unctrollably. Engineering could do a cold shut down, or a controlled step down, but the step down would need help decelerating the ship, so on the suggestion of Lt. Armando De Guerrero Flight control officer Lt. Peter Mitchell used the gravity of the Kerelos system star to slow the ship’s momentum while engineering stepped down the plasma injectors shutting down the warp core.

The ship came out of warp in the barrens, a region of space in between the talarian star empire and the Tholian Assembly with a very low count of stars. Much to the surprise of the Crew of the aurora, there was a small distinct Asteroid field where they came out of warp. And the largest of the asteroids contained a base that scans shows to be at least 200 years old. The ship detected life on the station but not much else, Captain Nolerad sent an away team consisting of [[:lt-timothy-hardaway | Ensign Dux Mondril[[:lt-lena-harkness | Lt. Tylihr Shran]]]] over to investigate, while the ship continued scanning.

immediately upon beaming into the station the away team fell unconscious. when they awoke they were in what appeared t be some quarters for very nonhuman aliens. Outside the door there was a single Talarian Guard. The away team was able to break out of the make shift cell and overpower the guard. The Talarian told them that they were a small raiding group who were at the station with a pair of humans looking for something.

The away team then started exploring the station, where they found what appeared to be a cafeteria area with some remnants for food that was meant for a mineral based species. They also found what was a control room, and a conference room overlooking a large cavernous region that appeared to be a dock of some type. In the conference room, Ensign Dux Mondril found a 200 year old information device with the plans for a constitution class vessel on it.

Making their way through the complex, they found more quarters, a shuttle bay and a computer room, where they stumbled upon some more Talarian Guards and a Human male and female, who referred to each othere as Anabelle, and Dr. Helsing.

Anabelle and Dr. Helsing ran out of the room as the away team engaged the Talarians. They quickly subdued to of them, then got in a firefight with the remaining two. As Lt. Tylihr Shran was wrestiling one to the ground they were beamed away.

Meanwhile on the ship, they were performing some routine scans, and learned that the large asteroid was once part of something larger, and some sort of explosion pushed them into the barrens, the Trajectory of their movement puts a point of origin in the Vintaak system. While scanning the ship lost all contact with the away team as some sort of field surrounded the station, It was determined the field was somehow composed of tachyons that were causing the scans to return information out of sync with time.

on the suggestion of Lt. Taban Latara a probe was launched into the large cavernous docking area, to successfully breach the tachyon field. Just as the ship reestablished sensor readings on the inside of the base, an older model talarian vessel decloaks inside the dock. the ship took a pot shot at the Aurora then Warped away. the Aurora took a shot back attempting to disable the engines and weapons, but couldn’t do it fast enough, and as her engines weren’t fully online yet she couldn’t pursue.

Returning to the base the Aurora and her crew retrieved the away team, downloaded the computer core of the station, and removed some key components to the Tachyon Generator. But to avoid a potential incident with the Tholians, the ship was unable to stay, and the ability of the federation to continue to study the base is in question.

Lt. Tylihr Shran was spotlighted this episode for his role in combatting the talarians mostly by hand as the Away team made their escape


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